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I like your foot better

This boy sees the feet of his twin brother and he’s debating which one he likes better.  They look pretty much like his…but in the end it seems that he …

Baby likes pizza

This baby knows what he likes. I’m guessing the dad fed him pizza one night when mom wasn’t home!Credit: Twitter

Baby likes what he sees

It’s always interesting to see how a baby will react when he sees himself in the mirror.  This baby… evidently likes what he sees.  Too funny!

Baby needs his pacifier too

This is all too confusing. The baby sees his mom crying so he gives her his pacifier. But then he starts crying too. Guess this is just a really good …

Baby hates broccoli

This baby is excited to try new foods.  But looking at his expression, I guess he really doesn’t like broccoli!  A face of pure agony and disappointment… Too funny!Credit: YouTube

Just let me see

This little baby really wants to see what his dad is watching.  But his dad just doesn’t want to show him!

Baby horrified by cake

This baby got an interesting cake for his birthday. He also learned today that you should not play with your food! Watch to see his surprised reaction!

Baby confused by dad’s twin

Poor baby…he seems really confused seeing his dad’s twin.  Who is the real dad?  We’re all just as confused as him!

Natural born comedian

This baby is a natural born comedian.  He’s just discovered a move that makes everyone laugh and isn’t afraid to use it!

Baby loves belly rubs

This baby is an expert at giving belly rubs.  All he asks in repayment is a belly rub for himself!  Too cute!

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