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Carry-on luggage baby

With how expensive airline tickets are these days, I guess this is one way to save money… Just bring your baby on board as a carry-on luggage!

Bouncy babies

You often see late night infomercials that sell these shaking machines that allegedly jiggle away all your fat.  Don’t know if it really works, but these babies seem to be …

Baby doesn’t like being tickled

You laugh when being tickled but often it’s not very enjoyable…except for the person doing the tickling.  This baby’s face after being tickled is super hilarious!

Baby loves getting massaged

This baby looks so relaxed getting a head and face massage from his mom.  Weirdly, looking at this baby somehow also makes me feel really relaxed too!

Baby wants a kiss

Have you ever wondered what you looked like when you gave your first kiss?  Chances are you had the same look at this baby!

Alien life form discovered

A new alien lifeform has been discovered!  Looks like some kind of starfish… Someone should put it back in the water!

Sound effects baby

Some babies giggle, some babies coo.  This baby likes to pretend he’s speeding down a road in his motorcycle! Like this video?  Here’s another fun video of a dad making …

Baby hitchhiker

Seems like this isn’t the first time this baby has hitched a ride on the roomba.  A much faster form of transportation than crawling!

So close yet so far

Poor kid thought he had eating all figured out.  You pick up the food, open your mouth, and put it in.  But somehow it’s not working for him this time…

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