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Just let me see

This little baby really wants to see what his dad is watching.  But his dad just doesn’t want to show him!

Baby loves belly rubs

This baby is an expert at giving belly rubs.  All he asks in repayment is a belly rub for himself!  Too cute!

Sound effects baby

Some babies giggle, some babies coo.  This baby likes to pretend he’s speeding down a road in his motorcycle!Like this video?  Here’s another fun video of a dad making sound …

Like father like son

The way this little boy copies his dad is so funny and cute!Like this video? Here’s another cute father and son duo!

Baby loves hearing dad beatbox

This cute baby loves hearing his dad beatbox.  Super adorable how he moves and shakes to the beat!via YouTubeLike this video?  Here’s one with a beatboxing baby!

Beatboxing baby

How do you teach a baby to beatbox?  Maybe the first step is showing him physically how he should move his lips.  Pretty good for his first time!via YouTube

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