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Baby loves ice cream

This baby loves her ice cream.  Just the way she is unable to contain her excitement is too cute!

Mom feeds daughter wasabi

This little girl is about to have her first taste of wasabi.  Even though she says no, she still takes a small bite.  See her hilarious reaction!

Baby likes pizza

This baby knows what he likes. I’m guessing the dad fed him pizza one night when mom wasn’t home!Credit: Twitter

Little girl sneaks a bite

This little girl really wants to eat some chips but she’s not supposed to eat any.  Good thing she thought of a way to smuggle some chips into her mouth.  …

Girl can’t stop thinking about waffles

Wow, sometimes it’s just too hard trying to understand why a kid is crying.  This poor girl’s reason for crying isn’t because she fell down or wants to buy a …

Baby hates broccoli

This baby is excited to try new foods.  But looking at his expression, I guess he really doesn’t like broccoli!  A face of pure agony and disappointment… Too funny!Credit: YouTube

Toddler stubbornly insists on eating onion

This toddler stubbornly insists on eating this onion.  He doesn’t seem to enjoy it too much but perhaps he’s hoping there’s something tasty in the middle?Credit: YouTube

So close yet so far

Poor kid thought he had eating all figured out.  You pick up the food, open your mouth, and put it in.  But somehow it’s not working for him this time…

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