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Girl can’t stop thinking about waffles

Wow, sometimes it’s just too hard trying to understand why a kid is crying.  This poor girl’s reason for crying isn’t because she fell down or wants to buy a …

Her boyfriend’s name is Jared

This little girl is sad.  I’m not sure if it’s because her parents don’t believe that she has a boyfriend or that her dad won’t let her have one until …

Kid gets scared watching scary movie

Wonder what all these kids are watching.  Judging from this kid’s reaction, it seems to be something super scary.  Hopefully he’ll be able to sleep tonight!Credit: Facebook

Extreme bubble bath

Kids all love a bubble bath…especially when it is 10 feet tall!  This bubble bath skyscraper just needs a ladder so the kids can access the top floors!

Kid has his own moves

All the kids at the playground are giving a dab in front of the camera.  It’s the last kid’s turn and he has something different in mind…  Too cute!

Overly dramatic boy

With the way this kid is able to fake his injuries, he’ll be a great football player in the future for sure!Like this video?  Here’s another hilariously dramatic boy!

Kid loves his toilet paper

Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving dinner was as tasty as this kid’s toilet paper!Like this video? Here’s another kid eating something he shouldn’t!

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