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Little girl sneaks a bite

This little girl really wants to eat some chips but she’s not supposed to eat any.  Good thing she thought of a way to smuggle some chips into her mouth.  …

The screen seems to be broken

It’s crazy how fast technology changes.  This little girl has never seen a GameBoy until now and she intuitively tries to operate it.  However, it seems that the touch-screen is …

Shoveling snow is hard

This cute toddler is trying to help shovel some snow.  Unfortunately, it’s harder than it looks!  Too funny!

Cute girl loves her cute dog

Watching this cute little girl snuggle with her cute dog is just too adorable! Hopefully they will continue to be this close as they grow up together!

Me after the holidays

They say the weight scale is every woman’s worst enemy. I guess that includes toddlers too!

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