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I like your foot better

This boy sees the feet of his twin brother and he’s debating which one he likes better.  They look pretty much like his…but in the end it seems that he …

Baby confused by dad’s twin

Poor baby…he seems really confused seeing his dad’s twin.  Who is the real dad?  We’re all just as confused as him!

Twins get pulled over by cops

Part 1 Part 2These twin toddlers in a black Range Rover got pulled over by cops after a night of wild partying.  Luckily, the driver hasn’t learned how to read yet …

Twins show their secret handshake

These twins have an adorable secret handshake.  It’s incredible how they’re able to come up with something so complex.  Watch and see if you can remember all the moves!

Twin babies act out Frozen

Watch these adorable twins reenact the scenes of the kid favorite cartoon Frozen.  They actually memorized the whole movie and know the exact moments of when to move, stand, and …

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