Weekly Recap: Top 5 Videos for Sept 17-23, 2017

Published on September 24, 2017

Too busy during the week to check out all the videos being posted on our site?  Here’s a list of the top 5 videos from last week!

5. Baby talking on cell phone

This cute boy is having a full on conversation with his dad on the cellphone. Unfortunately, dad is not too fluent in baby talk so he’s having trouble understanding.

4. Cute kid tries to fit into skinny jeans

Most girls can relate to this super cute kid trying to fit into his jeans. No one wants to admit defeat in times like this so he tries for the longest time fasten that stubborn button!

3. Kid argues over cupcakes

2. Little girl discovers new way of blowing bubbles

Blowing bubbles seems easy enough right?  Not really for this cute little girl.  After a few tries it seems like she’s given up, but then you’ll be surprised at the new way she discovers to blow bubbles!

1. Baby lies on dog’s belly

Dogs make the best nannies!  Watch how this dog takes care of a baby lying on his belly.

Let us know which one was your favorite!  Have a great week!

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